why should we respect each other

Why should we respect each other?

Sometimes I have a thought about the question which I have submitted. “Why should we respect each other? OR  Why should we respect others?”

I have a little opinion about this question.

I think this should be based on one truth: You cant be me,  and you cant be others. So either I. We are different and We are unique as ourself.

Man and man has different experiences, their parents cant provide same chance to get a good education for them, their techers teach them different views about  the world and the life.Even some guys receive nearly same conditions to live ,but  the same things effect them differently ,they cant have the very same idea  about same thing. Maybe in one way they can agree each other,but they cant very or absolute agree each other. Because they cant really understand each other.

I heard one  words like ” We are born different what is the biggest same point between us! “. So when we communicate with others,when we  look the experience on their face, when we meet their bad attitudes, we should realize that they are different with us,they have different feelings with us,what we need is to listening and respect them.

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