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Tomorrow is Christmas Day

Yeah,Tomorrow is Christmas Day! Tonight,I havent already to pass.

Sometimes I find myself is afraid of something which I cant to meet. Maybe I thought to much,all the conditions are complexible which make me lost all  courage to do the nearly correct actions.

I know someday I will regret about this.But I dont know what happend to myself that I cant see my heart clearly.

The great comedy is life will be more beautiful in future.

The great tragedy is we all cant go back.

The luckest thing is  something changes and something not. Continue reading »Tomorrow is Christmas Day

apologize to you

I havent understand what happened to make you unhappy. Then I know I have offended you.Sometimes I always say something  without my heart just like joking, and I didnt realise the effects on other guys.So I admit that I have done something wrong.

My friends even including myself always suppose that I am special.But I . . . → Read More: apologize to you

the windy in Qingdao

This morning I feel a little cold.The big wind is blowing and blowing , my face dont feel good ,how wise I am wearing warm clothes today.

I saw many guys wear more clothes than me,It looks like Everybody just enter  Winter in one day today.

Even if The wind is so big and . . . → Read More: the windy in Qingdao

why should we respect our elders

Our elders already deserve our respect because they once took care of us.

When I was a child, I was regularly admonished to “respect your elders.” During those early years I knew that I had to respect them because they took care of me, gave me guidance when I had no direction of my own, and, I feared, could discipline me for refusing to bend to their will. Still, whether due to my own impatience or my incomplete grasp of the rules, I sometimes questioned my parents’ authority and often tested the limits they set for me. It was only years later that I began to see the wisdom in their ways and sought, rather than avoided, their counsel. I used to think it amazing that my dad seemed to know so much about practical psychology and that the people he worked with valued him and often sought his assistance. I now realize that so much of what I have come to value in myself I became because of my father and my mother. Continue reading »why should we respect our elders