why should we respect our elders

Our elders already deserve our respect because they once took care of us.

When I was a child, I was regularly admonished to “respect your elders.” During those early years I knew that I had to respect them because they took care of me, gave me guidance when I had no direction of my own, and, I feared, could discipline me for refusing to bend to their will. Still, whether due to my own impatience or my incomplete grasp of the rules, I sometimes questioned my parents’ authority and often tested the limits they set for me. It was only years later that I began to see the wisdom in their ways and sought, rather than avoided, their counsel. I used to think it amazing that my dad seemed to know so much about practical psychology and that the people he worked with valued him and often sought his assistance. I now realize that so much of what I have come to value in myself I became because of my father and my mother. Continue reading »why should we respect our elders


Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness.And they live by what they hear.Such people become crazy,or they become legends …   


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关于爱情:不要认为后面还有更好的,因为现在拥有的就是最好的。不要认为还年轻可以晚些结婚,爱情是不等年龄的。不要因为距离太远而放弃,爱情可以和你一起坐火车的。不要因为对方不富裕而放弃,只要不是无能的人,勤劳可以让你们富裕的。不要因为父母反对而放弃,你会发现因为这个原因而反放弃的爱情,将是你一生的悔恨。其实对于爱情,越单纯越幸福。一生只谈一次恋爱是最好的,经历的太多了,会麻木;分离多了,会习惯;换恋人多了,会比较;到最后,你不会再相信爱情;你会自暴自弃;你会行尸走肉;你会与你不爱的人结婚,就这样过一辈子。 Continue reading »人生,简单,复杂