CentOS 安装 mongobdb 和 php mongodb扩展

1。准备工作第一步 升级php

默认CentOS 5.5 的 php版本 是 5.1.6 ,为了更好的使用 mongodb,首先升级到php-5.2.17 ,具体操作如下

# rpm –import http://www.jasonlitka.com/media/RPM-GPG-KEY-jlitka

# vi /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo 增加下面信息

name=Jason's Utter Ramblings Repo


yum update php -y
yum install libmcrypt -y

2.安装gcc (如果没有安装gcc的话)

yum install gcc

3.安装 mongodb

pecl install mongo

如果报错 phpize找不到,可以安装php-devel

yum install php-devel

service mongod start 开启 mongodb 服务

4.配置 php 扩展

/etc/php.ini 添加>>>>

; Enable mongo extension module

; option documentation: http://www.php.net/manual/en/mongo.configuration.php

; If persistent connections are allowed.
;mongo.allow_persistent = 1

; Whether to reconnect to the database if the connection is lost.
;mongo.auto_reconnect = 1

; The number of bytes-per-chunk.
; This number must be at least 100 less than 4 megabytes (max: 4194204)
;mongo.chunk_size = 262144

; A character to be used in place of $ in modifiers and comparisons.
;mongo.cmd = $

; Default hostname when nothing is passed to the constructor.
;mongo.default_host = localhost

; The default TCP port number. The database's default is 27017.
;mongo.default_port = 27017

; Return a BSON_LONG as an instance of MongoInt64
; (instead of a primitive type).
;mongo.long_as_object = 0

; Use MongoDB native long (this will default to true for 1.1.0)
mongo.native_long = true

; If an exception should be thrown for non-UTF8 strings.
; This option will be eliminated and exceptions always thrown for non-UTF8
; strings starting with version 1.1.0.
mongo.utf8 = 1

>>>>或者将如上代码 放入/etc/php.d/mongo.ini

然后 重启 httpd  service httpd restart.

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