The Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and people born between 21st January and 19th February belong to this sign. Aquarius, symbolized by a pitcher or a water bearer, is an air sign. In the earlier times, Saturn was the ruling planet of Aquarius until the discovery of Uranus. Upon its discovery, Uranus, its true ruler, was assigned to Aquarius. Therefore, both Saturn and Uranus are considered as ruling planets of Aquarius. According to Hindu astrology, Aquarius is equivalent to ‘Kumbha’ which means pitcher in Sanskrit. Before knowing about the traits of Aquarius man in love, let us take a look at some personality characteristics of Aquarius male in brief.


Aquarius Sign Traits


Aquarius personalities are one of the most unpredictable one among all Zodiac signs (even surpassing Gemini at times). They are extremely energetic and over zealous about more than one cause. They are also very social, friendly and lively individuals. Friendliness is one of the most remarkable and characteristic traits of Aquarius sign. They love making friends while in turn, people also get attracted to their sheer charm and quick wit. One of the other important traits of Aquarius individuals is that they love their independence and fiercely protect it. They often take an unusual path, thanks to their intellect and offbeat ideas. On the darker side, they have their bouts of detachment. They also seem unemotional and are natural rebels. However, Aquarian man’s intelligence, good nature, friendliness definitely makes him successful in life. With so many qualities, one is sure to fall in love with an Aquarius male. So what are the traits of an Aquarius man in love? Let us take a look at it in detail.


Aquarius Man in Love


Aquarius men do not fall in love easily. They are intellectuals by nature and look for a partner who can match up to their intellectual level. Only once they feel that you can stimulate them intellectually, they will be ready to commit to you. One of the peculiar traits about Aquarius men is that they may get into a relationship easily, but maintaining it can be bothersome. As mentioned above, their independence means a lot to them and it takes a lot of time for them to accept that they have to compromise on their independence when in a relationship. They cannot ever get along with clingy or dominating women. They usually fall for intellectual, practical and independent women, who appeal to their logical mind. Extreme and mushy emotions confuse them, scare them and drive them away. You need to be his best friend first before being his partner.


It is better to warn you that Aquarius man in love is not as charming as he appears as a friend or a colleague. Aquarius characteristics like rebellion nature and unpredictability makes them to have a completely different outlook towards life and its aspects. His abstract ideas, eccentric nature and stubbornness is quite difficult to understand. Secondly, comes their streak of detachment which makes them cold and withdrawn. However, once you accept it as a part of his nature, life can be easier. Leave him alone in these times, live your life and greet him back after a couple of days with same vibrancy and you will have him forever.


You will be happy to know that Aquarius man in love are very loyal and true. They will hardly ever express their emotions and even the declarations of love will be at a bare minimum. However, do not question his loyalty as he will rarely break your trust without telling you (at times, Aquarius men can exactly tell you what they think, which can even be hurtful). You have to live with the fact that he simply has too many friends and they are equally important to the as you are. Try to be social, interact with his friends and you will make life easier and happier for both of you. The Aquarius male in love will respect your freedom as much as he respects his own. He will rarely doubt your integrity and will be the last person to get overly possessive and envious. However, remember that if you break the trust of your Aquarius man, he will coolly cut the ties and never look back.


Aquarius man in love is also very romantic and amorous and there will be no dearth for romance. However, it is best advisable to limit your declarations of love and endearments. Do not appear dependent on him, neither nag him or he will see it as a threat to his independence. If you remember these simple things, you will have a charming partner with whom you can have a stimulating conversation on almost any topic. His energy level and ideas will definitely inspire you and make you see the world in different light. Zodiac signs like Libra and Gemini are best compatible with the Aquarius. Other signs may require a lot of understanding and compromise.


Remember that Aquarius man in love is not overly different than he is as your friend. Do not try to tame him, give him a free rein and just follow him and you are sure to keep him for a lifetime. Good luck!


By Madhura P

作者:Madhura P

Published: 6/23/2010


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