Tomorrow is Christmas Day

Yeah,Tomorrow is Christmas Day! Tonight,I havent already to pass.

Sometimes I find myself is afraid of something which I cant to meet. Maybe I thought to much,all the conditions are complexible which make me lost all  courage to do the nearly correct actions.

I know someday I will regret about this.But I dont know what happend to myself that I cant see my heart clearly.

The great comedy is life will be more beautiful in future.

The great tragedy is we all cant go back.

The luckest thing is  something changes and something not.

What  the happiness will be If I can find someone who is ready for me, just like the English song sings ” I’m yours forever! “.

Yesterday,I had a talk with my friend that Today the marriage is not so stable, but the friendship between friends who dont have any conflict  on benefits is more stable.

Because We meet friends not day by day ,hour by hour. just times in a week or  a month or a year.  when we find someguy to face  hour by hour even minute by minute ,maybe we will change that moment. And we cant promise a perfect result which is up in the air.

When we face the truth we all shamed !  Sounds a  little shit, but sometimes I’m afraid that It’s true.

Tonight  my mood is not peaceful, SO I have  something to express,and I have expressed, Now I just need a good sleep, I hope that ” Tomorrow is another Day”!

So poor English,If you can read me,3Q!   :(

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