why should we respect each other

Why should we respect each other?

Sometimes I have a thought about the question which I have submitted. “Why should we respect each other? OR  Why should we respect others?”

I have a little opinion about this question.

I think this should be based on one truth: You cant be me,  and you cant . . . → Read More: why should we respect each other

why miss you

Sometimes I can remember someone easily,It looks like waking up the golden memory by something. So I always regard me as  a guy who cant forget  the friends during the golden time. Maybe everyone has the same experience as me.My question is ” WHY I MISS YOU? OR WHY I MISS THEM? “.

Somebody says:”we always . . . → Read More: why miss you

cant vs difficult

This Morning I suddenly have one idea about “cant and difficult”.

Sometimes when we meet a problem or a big problem which challenge us strongly, we have two choices.

First ,we say “Oh It cant be handled, It’s impossible!”,yeah that means The problem challenge you  truely.

Second, we say “Yeah,It looks like difficult to find a solution.but Maybe Ican try one time.”  which means you want to control the problem and your attitude about it. Continue reading »cant vs difficult

treasure what you have

Today I have thought that I lost my wallet.I feel very sad because there are many cards and my ID card in it. I start to return my company to find. I thought many times when and where I maybe lost my wallet then I hope it still stays in my company meeting room where is the most possible place to find it.

When I reached my company ,Thank to God,It still there  lying on  the chair. I think I have got the help from God who tell me a lot about my wallet  even beyond that. Continue reading »treasure what you have