Simple is not Easy

实际上,应该是“简单并不容易”,也就是Simple is not Easy.在我们的日常口语中,简单和容易之间的区别真是微妙。实际我们都知道,simple is quite often Difficult.

好吧,我现在已经能准确的理解simple不是easy这个语义上的分别了,所以就开始对 What is the simplest thing? 有点兴趣了,因为大家越来越多的说YAGNI和TSTCPW。不过,Udi Dahan告诉大家It’s does not matter,因为

The reason it doesn’t matter is that we don’t have to be 100% right the first time is because we’re going to be changing it over, and over, and over again.


 The nice thing about the one true path is that you don’t have to be right on it.


Change is expected. Change is good. Change is what makes “the simplest thing that could possibly work”, in all it’s clear-as-mud-ness, really work, without forcing developers to agree ahead of time what it actually means.


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