cant vs difficult

This Morning I suddenly have one idea about “cant and difficult”.

Sometimes when we meet a problem or a big problem which challenge us strongly, we have two choices.

First ,we say “Oh It cant be handled, It’s impossible!”,yeah that means The problem challenge you  truely.

Second, we say “Yeah,It looks like difficult to find a solution.but Maybe Ican try one time.”  which means you want to control the problem and your attitude about it.

The real result also have about two possibilities.One is you drop the last hope to handle the problem,The other is maybe  you find the solution.

I dont want to dicuss all possible results including the situation that you try,but you failed which many guys really wouldnt like to face.

I dont care the last result is what before you have  tried or you have the ability to predict it.Yeah, if you say “It can be handled”,please prove it with your ability. Once something which you are too negative on it,  you cant change your attitude easily,which will you lost the last chance to handle it. But when you have a little positive attitude, you want have a try, Maybe you failed Or Maybe Not.

On positive side, you can change “difficult” to be “easy” through you trying and maybe you really find the solution, If it really too difficult to you and out of your ability ,you will find the limit of your ability,then it’s not too late  to drop it ,but it let you know your weakness which it’s worthy.

just a littel idea, dont look down upon yourself !  Every Challenge is a chance to know yourself  fully which is a right way to improve.

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