apologize to you

I havent understand what happened to make you unhappy. Then I know I have offended you.Sometimes I always say something  without my heart just like joking, and I didnt realise the effects on other guys.So I admit that I have done something wrong.

My friends even including myself always suppose that I am special.But I would like to believe ‘Everyone is special’.  And we all are different, So maybe you cant accept something which I can accept easily. and I cant accept something  which you have accpeted. It’s normal & all right.

As far as we know, There are many rules in the world which keep the world stable.But No one can judge them right or wrong, we just see they work well . When we know the rules deeply ,one possible result is we would like to make new rules.We start learning to accept something we didnt accept before, and we start learning to  say’NO’ to something we had to accept before. Then we extend ourself, we are going big.

An girl is so  sensitive beyond my imagination.If the bad things cant be broken ,how longer it will last ,I have no idea.So I want to say sorry for what I said before. Sorry for I ignored your feeling!

When the topic is ‘apologize’,I have many words to say,but too many to tell them out easily.some is about ‘promise’ which make myself  lost trusts from others. some is about ‘misunderstanding’ which make myself  lost the important relationship with some guys. some is about  ‘regreting’ which make myself lost the chance to do something  without regreting in future.

So poor english! If you can read me, just thank you!

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