Amazon mount s3 to Ec2 with s3fs

理论上,S3 是一个全球存储区域网络 (SAN),它表现为一个超大的硬盘,您可以在其中存储和检索数字资产。但是,从技术上讲,Amazon 的架构有一些不同。您通过 S3 存储和检索的资产被称为对象。对象存储在存储段(bucket)中。您可以用硬盘进行类比:对象就像是文件,存储段就像是文件夹(或目录)。与硬盘一样,对象和存储段也可以通过统一资源标识符(Uniform Resource Identifier,URI)查找。(

创建S3,登录到,点击“create bucket”,可以创建一个s3硬盘。


/*Download: Download SHA1 checksum: 8f6561ce00b41c667b738595fdb7b42196c5eee6 Download size: 154904 */ wget tar xvzf s3fs-1.61.tar.gz cd s3fs-1.61/ sudo ./configure –prefix=/usr sudo make sudo make install

Install prerequisites before compiling:

在编译之前,有些辅助库需要安装,ubuntu系统需要确认安装以下软件包: Install prerequisites before compiling:

apt-get install gcc apt-get install build-essential apt-get install . . . → Read More: Amazon mount s3 to Ec2 with s3fs

how to increase RAM for Amazon EC2

The ability to re-provision resources in a server is one of the greatest benefit in implementing cloud based servers. In the traditional bare metal deployment of servers, adding and removing memory and CPUs are constrained by the current hardware selected. This would also entail a long outage for the system. Amazon servers allow on . . . → Read More: how to increase RAM for Amazon EC2